Mathematical Society


The purpose of the Dartmouth College Mathematical Society is to create a community where students interested in mathematics can interact and discuss mathematics in a setting outside of the classroom environment. Our goal is to encourage, foster interest in and enrich the understanding of mathematics. We intend to promote the pursuit of mathematics at all levels.  
The Society is a community of enthusiastic students where people can discuss news, share experiences in courses, study abroad programs, and research internships, and explore interesting topics in mathematics.In mathematics, when graduate students perform research, they regularly create seminars in their specialized areas in order to discuss new ideas with their peers.   


The primary goal of the Society is to create an undergraduate seminar for members to meet regularly and learn about interesting topics in mathematics. The topics are presented by undergraduate guest lecturers, professors and graduate students at Dartmouth College.  


The other goal of the Society is to prepare students for the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition and for the Thayer Examination (administered to First-Years only) in order to promote the benefits of a rigorous problem solving education. The Society encourages even those who are not interested in our math contests to consider attending some of our problem solving seminars anyway.


May 2, 2012, Professor Craig Sutton, Mathematics Department, Dartmouth College
  • Vibrating drums, Cayley graphs and isospectral surfaces
 April 18, 2012, Professor Vladimir Chernov, Mathematics Department, Dartmouth College
  • Refocusing of light rays in spacetimes


  • President: Jun Chen ’12 (Fall) and Noah Lebowitz-Lockard ’13 (Winter, Spring)
  • Vice President: Noah Lebowitz-Lockard ’13 (Fall) and Nicole Looper ’12 (Spring)
  • Treasurers: Nicole Looper ’12 (Fall) and Sean Griffin ’14 (Winter and Spring)

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