Creative Gaming


The Creative Gaming Club is a group of people who enjoy playing games together. These games generally include involved strategy games such as Dominion, Race for the Galaxy, Year of the Dragon, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, and many more. Everyone is always welcome to come learn new games or play old ones.


Creative Gaming meets every Saturday from 2-5pm in Collis 219.


For more information, blitz Creative.Gaming.Club@Dartmouth.EDU.
Alternatively, contact the president, Taylor Hornig '13.

Special Events

Every term Creative Gaming co-sponsors Dartcon, a gaming weekend held at Alpha Theta.
Every so often, Creative Gaming sponsors campus-wide games of Humans vs. Zombies, a week-long game where players start out as humans and are slowly all (or mostly) turned into zombies. For more information, email, although this account is only checked around the time a game is being run.

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