Tutor Clearinghouse

The Tutor Clearinghouse is a subset of the Academic Skills Center that facilitates peer tutoring and study groups. 

Email us at <login to see email address>, visit us in 301 Collis, or call the Academic Skills Center at             (603) 646-2014.

Holly Potter, Tutor Clearinghouse Manager 

Holly graduated from Granite State College in June, 2009, with an Associate's Degree in Behavioural Science. She came to the Academic Skills Center in April, 2002,  after spending five years in the Dean of the College/Office of the Class Deans. Holly is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Tutor Clearinghouse, working closely with all study group leaders and tutors throughout the academic year. You may reach Holly at (603) 646-2014 or by blitz at Holly.A.T.Potter@Dartmouth.EDU

How to Request a Tutor

All you have to do is fill out our online application. Just follow this link:  Request a Tutor
Please submit your form ONLY ONCE. If you are concerned your application did not go through, please blitz the Tutor Clearinghouse; DO NOT fill out the application again.  You will receive a blitz from Tutor Clearinghouse as soon as you are matched with a tutor.

Requirements for Tutors & Application

  • A or A- grade in the subject (some courses allow exemption – ask us!)
  • 3 hour time commitment per week per tutee
  • Read and adhere to the Tutor Contract (on the application page)
  • Students with an F-1 or J-1 visa: please let us know and we’ll arrange specific matches in keeping with employment laws
  • Pay rate: $9/hour!
Application: Please simply fill out the form by following this link:  Tutor Application We will contact you via blitz if/when you are matched with a tutee.  (This must be done each term you intend to offer academic support!)
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