Epsilon Kappa Theta


Twenty-three women reside in this college owned facility, located at 15 Webster Avenue. Architects Dwight & Chandler designed the house at 15 Webster Avenue for W.M. Patten in 1896, who owned it at least through 1931. The M.H.M.H. Nurses' School leased the builiding from its owner in 1942, and the house was still in private hands in 1950. The Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity, founded in 1950, occupied the house by 1961. In 1969 that organization became The Harold Parmington Foundation, later transforming into Delta Psi Delta.

By the Spring of 1992, Delta Psi Delta fraternity was in dire straits. In an attempt to rally membership, they went co-ed, incorporating most of the brothers' girlfriends, but not many others. The college quickly snatched up the property, and Kappa Alpha Theta got the house at 15 Webster Avenue over Tri-Delt with the help of KAT loyalist Deb Reinders in the Office of Residential Life. The Delta Psi House Corporation used the profits from the sale of the property to establish the 15 Webster Avenue award community service award, on the condition that the award plaque always remain at the house. Delta Psi Delta also requested that KAT make their alumni feel welcome in their old home. Kappa Alpha Theta became the local Epsilon Kappa Theta in 1992. 



President: Carla Galarza '13  
Vice President: Kathleen Cunningham '13   
Treasurer: Jennifer Jaco '13  
House Manager: Katelyn Burgess '13  
Programming Chairs: Melissa Centeno '13, Alex Leach '14  
Membership Selection: Soo Jee Lee '13  
Service: Adriana Flores '13  
Panhellenic Council Representatives: Emily Marshall '13, Melissa Centeno '13  
Formal Chair: Jennifer Jaco '13, BreAnna Houss '13  
Sustainability: Rachel Wang '13  
Guru: Emily Marshall '13  
Webmaster: Carla Galarza'13  

Secretary: Melissa Centeno '13  
Sisterhood Chairs: Soo Jee Lee '13, Rachel Wang '13  
Rush Chairs: Katelyn Burgess '13, Aarti Kamat '13 
New Member Education: Emily Glassberg '13, Morgan Wharton '13  
Scholarship: Anna Leah Berstein Simpson '13  
Social Chairs: Jennifer Lure '13, Amanda Martin '13, Victoria Madigan '14
Historian: BreAnna Houss '13
Alumni Relations: Soo Jee Lee '13, Morgan Wharton '13
Jock Chair: Jennifer Lure '13


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